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P260 MM3 Sites


Brow​ser Compatibility Information

Windows: Requires Internet Explorer 11 or Google Chrome​

Mac: Requires Safari 10 or later.​


For AM, FSM, MCM, and HUD users, there are two login screens for the P260 Live System

  1. The first login screen is dark blue at the top and requires your HUD network user name and HUD password. If you need your HUD password reset, call the HUD HITS Help Desk at 888-297-8689 (or 202-708-3300), choose option 9, and ask for your Active Directory password to be reset.
  2. The next screen gives you choices for going to one of the P260 sites. You then have to accept the terms and conditions for using the site.
  3. The next screen is a login screen with a light blue color at the top.  This login screen requires your HUD network user name and your Yardi password. If you need help with this second password, contact the Yardi Help Desk.

Contacting the Yardi P260 Help Desk

By phone - 805-699-2053
By email - hudhelp@yardi.com - In your email, please include the best phone number to reach you, since the Help Desk often calls users in response to their email requests. 
The Help Desk hours are 8am to 8pm Eastern Time, Monday-Friday, excluding Federal holidays.


AM and FSM - Single Point of Contact

Each AM and FSM should have a primary and backup contact for communicating issues and requests to the P260 Help Desk. This keeps contractors organized and helps prevent multiple reports of similar issues.


System Hours

The system hours for P260 are 7am-9pm Eastern Time on weekdays and 8am-6pm Eastern Time on Saturday, except for holidays recognized by the Federal government. The system may be available outside of these hours, but availability outside of these hours is not assured. Support is not available on Saturdays. The Help Desk hours are 8am to 8pm Eastern Time, Monday-Friday, excluding Federal holidays.
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